Another Transition of Life

I never intended to start my blog this way, but, through recent and changing events, I chose that I would.

Many years ago, I was approached by someone part of a community event. Handing me a brochure, the person preached about how if a person were to consume only half the meat they currently consume, they will save x amount of animals. That was the start. My next push was my brother. I declared to him that I had an interest in becoming vegetarian. With wide eyes he told me that he attempted such an endeavor. “I could only last two weeks,” was his response. What started my vegetarianism was a single thought. I could top that. So, onward my transition went into the non-meat world. I had no clue what I was doing then, and I have no clue what I am doing now.

Many years have passed, keeping true to vegetarianism. With the occasional, accidental meat in my dish at a restaurant.
Now, feeling accomplished by exceeding my brothers attempt, I chose another transition.

Becoming vegan.

What sparked this was that I noticed after the New Year I was gaining a lot of weight. Watching my eating habits, I assumed a lot of the weight was derived from dairy products: cream, eggs, and cheese. A LOT of cheese. Already living a vegetarian life, eliminating dairy from my diet only meant that I would be borderline vegan. I let the idea ferment in my mind. One thought that helped push me past the decision making blockade was, “why not?”
So, that’s what I decided to do.

Two days in and I’m feeling good.

Changing from eating meat to not eating meat was somehow confusing. It took me a year to figure out that I could still eat everything that I love. With some exception.
Now that I have cut all dairy and animal byproducts out, I am once again lost in the dark.
Luckily, I have found a few recipes to live off: smoothies, homemade bread, nuts, and the like. I have only cracked the surface of this newfound “world”.

Luckily, I am confident and hopeful in finding more recipes to cook and eat in the near future. To experience the vegan fare.

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