I have survived the blazes of the desert heat,

And traversed through the winter worlds,

Searching for the treasures of life.

The final search led me through forestation, thick enough to carve a path of mystery, through a blinding doorway of elder trees, to the beach front of Baia do Sancho. I was barred in by a half-crescent of earth, cradled by the mother unseen through travels. The deep waters, clear enough to admire each grain; but the front waters were dyed from gentle waves.
A storm billowed above, the anger of righteousness. The storms growth transfixed on Earth’s shore. An eye of gold seemed contradicted. I refused a recoil to its unwavering decimation. As death stood at mind’s eye, a cool breeze bit my face, like the sting of a frightened bee.

Glistening light touched my face,

With blissful nudging.

I was lifted to Life’s treasure.

Aged is my experience on this plane,

And therefore, I sought to surrender.