My heart holds wide open
Waiting for those to come around
My arms grow so tired now
No light in this darkness is found

No One Knows

A black hole, that’s all it is
A black hole, my life to give
A black hole, but not to you
A black hole, how tried and true

So deep now, my love for all
So deep now, and here I fall
So deep now, I cant pass now
So deep now, I don’t know how

So lost, I don’t know where
So lost, I cant quite hear
So lost, neither can you
So lost, none have a clue

A black hole, that’s all life is
A black hole, my life so thin
A black hole, out in snuff
A black hole, its never good enough.

The Universe Decided

You and I have been friends forever,
Always as friends, but never better,
Our own relationships could never bother,
Waiting for the day to be together.
Then time stopped, all at once,
Feeling like our life had shunt,
Imagining what could have been in all those months,
Unable to breath, air escaped my lungs.
Not knowing if you were safe,
If you had moved on to a better place,
Controlling my emotions, no better way to behave,
This tombstone you might as well engrave.
Had you moved on in the life of love?
Had you celebrated a major change, releasing the doves?
Had it been time for you to take off your glove?
Had you forgotten me in the stars above?

Low and behold, right under my nose,
You were here, near me and so close,
You were the one I would have always chose,
Now come into my arms and keep the door closed.

A life the universe willed us to live,
My heart is yours and my life to give,
My mind of future always adrift,
The damage done, now love redemptive.



To love them unconditionally
To always be by their side
To support them through it all
To give your life for theirs

To give it up in a day
The long walks downtown
The embarrassing songs made
The girls longed for

A heart once filled with love
Stabbed and bled dry
A crevice that once was whole
Left to dance alone

To know that you read this
I’m sorry for what’s happened
We both deserve a better end
An end without hostility

I miss you


Our love has seen the endless stars
To free us from our loss
To forever find our home in each
And to keep us from the frost

Waiting years, lovers past
But never of our own
Has taught us what we need to know
To make sure each have grown

And now you’re here in my arms
A destiny in the stars
Reaching down to push us forth
Released, our holding bars

Seen As

I am seen as a bent can, in the canned produce aisle of a market

A risk that I will ruin a well thought out meal,

through internally damaged goods, or the belief that adding it to the other delicately refined produce, it will taint the dish.

But seen as a chance at discount, if willing to choose the bent, not broken.

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