To Be, or Yet to Be

I’m feeling alone,
Come on, throw me a bone
This heavy drape
Please tell me this isn’t my fate

I just wanna touch you
Maybe even hold, too
But you flick me away
But I still wish for today

I just wanna run away
From the fray, today,
Instead crochet,
A key to my heart
Please don’t part

Of you, I still dream
Whilst you lie near
But I still fear
Looking into the mirror

Afraid of what I’ll see
What I am to be
Diseased and falling apart
At my minds own Bonaparte.

Buried Alive

I feel lost
No one can find me
So far deep down
You can’t hear my scream

I am lost
To never be found
Darkness is me
Put me in the groun

Fuck Me

Tonight tomorrow but today
This depression, my shade
Each time of day, the day parade
Now watch me slide into fade

Yesterdays shade has got me black
Today’s crave has brought me back
Tomorrows cave will give me slack
One can hope, but never crack

I can’t touch what isn’t there
Life’s tough and isn’t fair
I offer love but you never share
I keep on going, truth or dare.

The Universe Decided

You and I have been friends forever,
Always as friends, but never better,
Our own relationships could never bother,
Waiting for the day to be together.
Then time stopped, all at once,
Feeling like our life had shunt,
Imagining what could have been in all those months,
Unable to breath, air escaped my lungs.
Not knowing if you were safe,
If you had moved on to a better place,
Controlling my emotions, no better way to behave,
This tombstone you might as well engrave.
Had you moved on in the life of love?
Had you celebrated a major change, releasing the doves?
Had it been time for you to take off your glove?
Had you forgotten me in the stars above?

Low and behold, right under my nose,
You were here, near me and so close,
You were the one I would have always chose,
Now come into my arms and keep the door closed.

A life the universe willed us to live,
My heart is yours and my life to give,
My mind of future always adrift,
The damage done, now love redemptive.


Seen As

I am seen as a bent can, in the canned produce aisle of a market

A risk that I will ruin a well thought out meal,

through internally damaged goods, or the belief that adding it to the other delicately refined produce, it will taint the dish.

But seen as a chance at discount, if willing to choose the bent, not broken.

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Hidy-Ho, Neighbor!

Transferring into a university takes time and preparation. Getting started takes even more time and patience. Once started, there is very little time left. So, that’s where I am.

I still write often. Poems more so than fictional stories. I haven’t found the time to sit and focus on posting anything. That usually requires time to type, edit, edit, edit, post, reread, revise, repost. Aside from what I post, I am also using up my free time for a book I started early last year. No end in sight, yet.

In the meantime, I’m drowning myself in music and trying my best in life. A quote about the importance of music by Plato goes something like this: “[Music] gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Or stated more bluntly by Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” So, with that, I turn up the volume for some feel-good music to blast my eardrums and continue work. I wish everyone to find contentment in life through their own tunes.


Pride Omitted

I hear the thunderous crash,

Of heavens speech,

Serpent score of lord and lover–

One is known of devotion,

The other of desperation.

Requesting what Shall be Done,

Is giving ones life force, and

Freewill to that of which,

Has no right to rule.

Ephemeral is then life,

Leading oneself higher,

Through a personal spotlight;

Only to shine downward, on

A demise inevitably true.